Monday, July 16, 2012

Reducing Carbon Foot Prints

Blossoms’s interpretation
(n.) a measure of the carbon dioxide emitted across any order's creative cycle, from order placement to final payments and in between.

Measures suggested to reduce Carbon Footprints
Pay on time as promised:
Save petrol which is needed to do rounds in case of delayed payment. Keep your promises.

Go Paperless (wherever possible):
The internet is now more real than virtual. Lets us interact online and through emails and take print outs only if necessary

Do not insist on Physical Quotations:
Save on postage and paper as quotations can be mailed and stored. At the end, an invoice will be sufficient to track the cost for future references.

Give Proper Briefs:
Let’s resolve to give the best briefs at the first go. Thereby saving up on fuel and energy required to travel back and forth to discuss the briefs repeatedly.

Follow up sessions:
Follow up sessions can happen at a defined periodicity. Kindly avoid summoning representatives to discuss minor issues. Combine multiple errands in one trip and save fuel.

Proof Prints:
A wise one can spot mistakes in the first instance and same applies to the person rectifying it too. A maximum of two proofs are needed to finalize the job and that saves a lot of paper.

Avoid Urgencies:
Your need is precious but prepare in advance. Requesting fragmented deliveries will lead to more wastage of petrol while transporting the job more than once.

Believe in Experts:
Your job is in safe hands with people who are experts at what they do. Personal follow ups will kill your time and petrol again. Avoid it. You have a proof to cross check.

On a more serious note:
The world is choking under the threat of ever increasing carbon footprints. We must understand what the environmental impact is and push for change, whether big or small.
Carbon footprint is the total count of carbon dioxide as well as other green house gases emitted by an organization, event, product or person. From the cup of coffee that wakes you up in the morning to the cozy air conditioning that puts you to off sleep at night; every bit of fuel and electricity we use adds up to the atmospheric carbon pile up.

Let's make our world a better place to live :) What Say?

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