Monday, July 9, 2012

Corporate Identity of Tesla Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

Over three decades in manufacturing Transformers and Reactors, Amruta Enterprises is all set to challenge the global competition. It has embraced cutting edge technology and is in the process of developing brand new manufacturing facilities along with a new positioning. All this and more with the fresh twist of a new name - Tesla Magnetics Pvt. Ltd!
blossoms was engaged to design the new logo, stationery, website and other collateral in the process.
The tagline developed for their recent job, 'Empowering Business' was adapted to the new logo as it portrays Tesla's commitment to improve their clients' prospects and empower them with the best products to meet global demands.

Agency - blossoms
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  1. Website truly interesting.Congratulations!

    Corporate Identity

  2. Thanks Laurie and trust me your appreciation counts a lot to do better every time.