Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time Management

There is no good time:
Don’t wait for time, start your important task immediately.
There is a famous proverb in Hindi – Kal kare so aaj kar. Aaj kare so abhi

Know first what needs your attention:
Prepare a - to do list  as you do not have to remember the things that you want to do now and in the whole day. This allows your mind enough mobility and power to concentrate while knowing exactly what you want to do today.

Prepare a check list:
Check list allows to judge the job for your given capabilities and constraints. Planning resources becomes easier

Sanctum Sanctorum:
If your work is worship, how come the temple look good if cluttered? Clutter less workplace will help you concentrate better on the job. Make sure to remove everything from the area not related to the job.

Focus and Prioritize:
A single minded focus on any job will reduce the chances of failure. Time wasted in repetitions and corrections can be avoided. Hence assign priority according to the logic (which most of us have in abundance)

Plan Proper:
Plan your work flow and be prepared for eventualities (if any) beforehand. This allows you to sleep well for the coming onslaughts.

Limit Social Networking Time:
Social networking websites eat in your precious time and that too in the prime hours once you get hooked. Spend time with prudence based on whether it is for marketing or hanging around for no reason.

Define time zones for checking emails:
In SOS situations, people will call you so checking mails can be done with a certain periodicity. No need to bother yourself every now and then to check the inbox. In case something is urgent someone will surely call you.

Phones and Mobile usage:
Use them sparingly for health and business benefits too. It is advisable to delegate the task of answering phones while in a midst of a meeting and/or turn your cell phone on silent mode.

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