Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Importance of a sound Social Media Strategy

The question is no longer should we be doing social media, it's are we doing it right?
- Eric Qualmann, Author of Socialnomics

The social media adoption survey conducted in 2010 for the Society for New Communications Research by Dr. Nora Barnes at UMASS Dartmouth shows that more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use some form of social media marketing, but a strategy for engagement and measurement is still lacking. Businesses, big and small are realizing the need for a social media strategy and marketing plan for their future success.

Statistic on social media usage:
    91% are using at least one social media tool
    80% have a company page on a social networking site
    79% post status updates or articles of interest on social media sites
    57% build a network through a site such as LinkedIn
    54% monitor feedback about the business
    65% maintain a blog
    52% are active on Twitter

Any Social Media Campaign needs to be developed as an extension of the core digital presence – your business website. One should not forget the importance of company's website as it is an authentic home turf for clients to know in greater details with respect to your products, services etc.

Social media usage is on rise in multitudes in recent years, thanks to the internet penetration and awareness of the subject. Social media provides a platform for the client to directly converse with the company. However, as a caution, this can misfire if not handled properly. The connect should be correct between the two entities involved to propel the business bottom line or else the results will be devastating at times.

Every business needs to take a strategic approach to incorporating social media into their marketing and communication plan. Apart from having a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, one should be sure of what to do with them, or how to measure your results? After all, it is the future of business communication that we are looking towards.

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