Thursday, April 26, 2012

Logo Designing for a Spa Resort in Konkan

Vaijayanti = It means "triumphant victory". It is a necklace of Lord Vishnu (a Hindu deity) displaying five precious gemstones: Emrald, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. These gems correspond with the five classic and basic elements viz., Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

Vaijayanti : State-of-the-art 5 star resort-spa inthe heart of Konkan. The spread of thespa-resort would be on 16 acres in Phase I with 45 villas, 18 Spa rooms and 4couple Spa rooms. It's not a day spa resort but a destination spa resort.

Vaijayanti Logo Philosophy

The Vaijayanti spa and resort offers a retreat to supreme pleasure. The imagery used depicts multiple aspects of the brand, and unveils the many layers of service the brand offers. The five large petals depict a lotus flower in full bloom symbolizing beauty, purity of mind and body, and spirituality which are the cornerstone of the whole spa experience offered at Vaijayanti. The three larger petals are suggestive of a person in a meditative yoga pose, the padmasana, evoking a feeling of complete peace and relaxation. The smaller two petals and the 'v' in between are indicative of a feeling of total liberation - of embracing the five elements with arms wide open.
The five petals denote the five elements. They also denote the five precious gems - emerald, pearl, ruby, sapphire and diamond - which are part of Vaijayanti, Lord Vishnu's necklace that reveals the gateway to heaven.
The red lettering portrays the sheer energy and passion that goes into creating this spa resort to make it a peaceful and relaxing haven for anyone who comes through its doors.

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