Friday, February 24, 2012

Perspective. Aspiration. Ambition. Working for a paycheck -

There's an old story about two men working on a railroad track many years back. As they are laying track in the heat of the day, a person drives by in a car and rolls down the window (not enough to let the air conditioning out, but enough to be heard). He yells, "Tom, is that you?' Tom, one of the men working on the track, replies, "Chris, it's great to see you! It must have been 20 years...How are you?" They continue the conversation and Chris eventually drives off. When he leaves, another worker turns to Tom and says, " I know that was the owner of the railroad and he's worth nearly a billion dollars. Hoe do you know him? " Tom replies, "Chris and I started working on the railroad, laying track, on the same day 20 years ago. The only difference between Chris and me is that I came to work for $ 1.25/hours and he came to work for the railroad."

- Special thanks to my friend, Ghanshyam Wagle for sharing this invaluable insight differentiating the mundane from the achievers.

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