Friday, January 27, 2012

Logo Philosophy of Praveen Sangramsinh Gawale Patil

The logo for PSGP symbolizes the multiple facets of the company, like a finely cut and polished diamond that glitters and radiates brilliance. The overall aspect is that of a crown that sits on top of the name, indicating that PSGP are kings or leaders in their line of business. The halo from the rays of the sun portray that PSGP is a rising star spreading its sunshine over a wide area. The rising aspect denotes a growth trajectory indicating that the company is set to flourish even more in the times to come.
The colors chosen reflect the sentiment within the organization. Yellow is for the timeless value of gold, and also shows optimism and cheer. The green reflects the respect PSGP has for the environment, and proclaims an eco-friendly mantra.
All these elements work together in sync to denote a brilliant market leader who is poised to grow reign over the competition.

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