Friday, December 9, 2011

How to make a great marketing pitch?

1. Understand the client: An optimum amount of time invested in research based on your gut feeling of the business to be generated will help in the long run to make a great pitch for a prospective client. The main objective of pitching is to break the ice and make inroads in the competition which already exists. One has numerous resources available nowadays to do the research of the client, their competition, the product or the services they are offering, standing in the market, global and local scenario etc to name a few. The more you understand your client; the better will be your pitch.
2. Understand client’s objective/s. What the client hopes to achieve through their product or services is the key question. Understand their target audience; the message they want to pass; the time lines; the budget and constraints, if any.
3. Approach: What the client wants to know is how you can help them achieve their objective with the available media options at a reasonable cost. One needs to show them how an agency will help them meet those goals. Your pitch should make it amply clear that you offer unique services and strategies that will help clients move closer to their set goals. They should be convinced about your invaluable contribution in making their objectives achievable in the best possible way.
 4. Method: ‘Simpler, shorter and precise’ is the key while presenting the pitch. It could be presented in person or through email depending on the time available. It is advisable though to make an effort to present it in person for that way you are in the best position to explain the pitch with a greater impact. A professionally enthusiastic presentation is the key for success. You have to balance the virtues of communication which will ensure the client’s interest stays or grows till the end. Drive the objective point home and it’s good to talk about the commercials at later stages.
5. Finishing Touch: Don’t oversell! Crispier and professional approach in making client understand the positive effects your association will bring is important. If possible, quote some case studies of success stories you made possible and let them understand that you have an online portfolio which they can access and evaluate the strengths of further. You can also use this pitch as an opportunity to highlight your specialties and list all services that you provide. An unobtrusive follow up through mails is recommended, but it also depends on the individual client’s taste. If interested, they are sure to get back without much effort from your side.

(The views expressed here are only guidelines from blossoms, a brand and media consultant in Pune, India, as per their experience in planning communication strategies for their clients. The results will vary with user or agency applying it and depending on the nature of client interacting.)

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