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What kind of service are you interested in?

Tell me your experience both in terms of a client and a buyer :) It's so apt and forces one to think on the priorities :)
In my decade long years in business development at 'blossoms' there are numerous accounts when people want all the superlatives at a peanut price. There are penny wise pound foolish types who can go on spending on the utter hopeless things just to ensure that the happiness of bargaining supersedes the utility and durability. It is imperative to calculate the optimum of the three factors with the virtue of your loyalty towards a brand, the rationale behind its periodic demand and the competition on the same levels of expectations.

A Young Initiative Building Strong India:
It’s hard to imagine the steely resolves of petite and beautiful Asira and Eesha Chirmuley, who happen to be daughters of my good friend -Yogesh Chirmuley who works with Draft FCB, Mumbai and resides at Thane. I have met them on couple of occasions and found them almost like any other youngsters who are energetic and full of life but without any concrete goal; the way probably most of us are/were...living life as it comes. Recently, one article which covered their feat appeared in Hindustan Times (newspaper) was shared within our friends on their achievement at this tender age. I am sure it will prompt us all to do something within our budget, means, strength or capacity to do our bit for the society we live in.

Potpourri as we all know is a mixture of dried flowers, herbs, spices etc. that infuse the air with their unique fragrance. Wiki gives some more information here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potpourri).

Potpourri is also a medley, a cultural hodge-podge or a miscellaneous collection of diverse items.
When I think of potpourri, I first think of the huge bowl sitting in my bathroom, adding beauty to the surroundings and much needed fragrance to the air. The bathroom is the one place in our lives where we are generally undisturbed, and at perfect leisure to indulge in any day dreams! You can stare in the mirror for hours together without receiving any sniggering glances, or just soak in a thousand suds, or sit and read a book/magazine…whatever. This place then is a veritable ground for all sorts of ideas to appear, take any form sans inhibitions, and be released onto the supersonic jet of our imagination.


Many of my most creative, off the cuff ideas have been born while staring at the big bowl of potpourri. As I work toward creating a more spa like feel to my bathroom, I add items that make me forget the craziness outside. The noise and chatter gradually recedes and a soft tune plays. Plants, scented candles, and books – a much selected diverse collection that I love to thumb through again and again.

There are loads of thoughts coming to you from peoples’ desks, or maybe by the fireside, library or garden. Potpourri brings you those unfettered ideas that can only take shape in the most basic and functional part of your home – your bathroom!!!

Needless to say, there is another very effective and proven way to make room for creative thinking…You guessed it right…MEDITATION. But this is more talked about and less practiced in our life. I sincerely am planning from many months, without much success, but am sure one day the potpourri will come out from meditative state with eternal bliss attached to the outcomes.

Waiting to hear from you if you share my inspiration place...if not do share any of your exciting anecdote of 'that' Eureka moment/s and where did you chanced upon them?

A sweet love story in the making (Post It)
Hopefully this is a TVC for Post It. Awesome. Effective and Emotional. Conveys the brand characteristics very properly. Do watch it. It's sweet

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